Same As It Ever Was

When someone says to you, “I just want you to happy,” what does that really mean?  For me, at least, the word “happy,” is way too nebulous, like clouds and cotton candy.  And feeling happy is way too subjective.  So I did what any other 21st century person would do and I googled (now that google is a verb) quotes on happiness.  I am interested in what other people have to say about this topic.

So here’s a quote I came across that made sense to me,

Jung is a little dry, but I like it.  Makes sense to me. Especially since it seems to me that if you are “happy” all the time it would a little like having a continuous orgasm.  Eventually, you even want that to stop.  OK, maybe not everyone, but I would.

Here’s one that makes wonder if the man works…at all, like does he actually fetch his own glass of water when he is thirsty (probably not)?

And there are those who do not believe in delayed gratification,

This one shoots down the myth that it takes a lot to make smart people happy,

I am very curious how old Franklin was when he said this (below), because I have noticed that the older I get the less busy I am able to be.  I’ve been working since I was 14 and I am now 56 and I can tell you that I am starting to feel a bit raggedy.  So does this mean I should not want to age???

Then there is cute and probably how most people feel:

BTW, I googled Spike Milligan because I didn’t know who he was and why someone would want to quote him.  Turns out Milligan was very famous English comedian who died in 2002.

Finally, this quote really speaks to me:

Turns out Orwell was right about several things, because, my friends,  as he predicted, “Big Brother IS watching.”  Just ask my son Aaron who was recently nabbed by a red light camera.  The cost of the ticket and driver’s ed is over $500.  As Aaron will tell you, THIS…does not make me happy.

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