La Bella Luna

Today is the first day of summer.  It is also an evening when the moon is supposed to look especially large; at least that is what they said on my Yahoo homepage.  But to be honest, I’ve seen bigger. Moons that is.  Some the biggest moons I’ve seen have been when Harry and I are traveling eastbound on the 101 just east of the Balboa off ramp.  So, I was expecting to see one of “those” moons tonight.  I know strange things are supposed to happen in the “evening” of full, though not necessarily big, moons.  You know when the werewolves come out.  So far, all I’ve seen is my neighbor, trying to fix his sprinklers, albeit, in the dark.  It took me a while to figure out what he was doing.  At first it appeared he was doing something to the telephone poll.  I sat there on my porch steps, him not knowing I am there and me trying not to be seen, hiding in front of my car, only peeking every once and while to see if he was still at the telephone poll.  Now as I am telling this story, you may be wondering why I was acting so….so paranoid.  A couple of reasons, actually.  Soon after these neighbors moved in,  lights were installed in their backyard.  Huge lights hanging from the eves of his house.  And he every once in a while he will turn them all on at night, so the backyard is lit up like a movie set.  Ever since he put in these lights, and especially since the trees on his side of the fence grew so tall that I can no longer see into his house and backyard, I’ve been trying to figure out why on earth he needs these lights.  My first thoughts were about money.  I imagined he was burying gold bricks amongst the azaleas.  And there is their dog.  It is a Doberman, one those breeds that are often associated with being watch dogs.  So if you put together the strange lights and the guard dog, kinda made me think something not kosher was going on.  Now, I will bring you back to the beginning of this post.  The neighbor, in the dark, squatting next to the telephone.  Given what I have just told you about the lights and the dog, I hope you can now understand why I was suspicious about his behavior this evening.  By the way, as it turns out, he was fixing his lawn sprinklers, the ones near the end of our driveway.  But I will tell you I still don’t know what is up the lights.  I wonder if I will ever find out.Image

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