Lean On Me


It wasn’t my intention to write about sad things in this blog.  But I promised to post every Friday and unfortunately, today, a cousin of Harry’s is gravely ill in a hospital in Michigan.  Harry, my husband, is hoping for a miracle which is a bit of a role reversal in our marriage.  Usually I am the one who entertains the idea that there, in fact,  miracles, and then Harry gives me the “life is based on facts” scientific lecture.  But today it was the other way around.  Years ago, my therapist said to me (I am paraphrasing here); “When one partner in a marriage becomes weak the other gets stronger.”  Perhaps that is what happened today.  Not sure, but as far as our relationship goes, it makes sense. This led me to think about the things Harry does that I can’t and vice versa.  So here is the partial list:

  1. The person in our house that kills the spiders:  ME
  2. The person who sews buttons on clothes:  HARRY
  3. The person who cleans up the yard where our dog poops or it is more commonly known,  “Maya’s Bathroom:”  HARRY
  4. The person who knows how to operate the washer and dryer: ME
  5. The person who cleans out the old, stale or rotten food from the refrigerator even when the other person claims that the cheese is “still good” and all you have to do is scrap off the mold:  ME
  6. The person who pays most of the bills:  HARRY
  7. The person who, no matter what she is doing, will answer the phone: ME
  8. The person who saves EVERYTHING:  Harry
  9. The person who throws away the junk that the other has saved for no good reason:  ME
  10. The person who locks up the house for the night:  ME
  11. The person who makes the morning coffee:  HARRY
  12. The person responsible for facilitating family “communication:”  ME

The most important thing that should be mentioned here is that this is not a division of labor based only on our individual strengths and weaknesses, but a relationship in which two people help each other to navigate life, which I think is pretty special.

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