To Pick Up Where I Left Off

I know, I know, I am sorry. It has been quite some time since I posted something.  I am not a flake, in general.  However, there was a lot going on in life.  Let me explain.

First, on May 18, 2013, I attended one of the two most beautiful weddings I have ever gone to in my life:  the ceremony uniting in marriage my son Evan and his beautiful bride.  In Hawaii.  Really.  There was a lot of emotional shit going on for me, (Just imagine the mother-son version of the movie “Father of the Bride” with Steve Martin.  Not to mention the little family mini dramas. But after I finish writing this post that is the last time I will even think about those things.  What I will remember is an event that was almost like a fairy tale.  And by the way, the other beautiful wedding I have been to was the one on May 21, 2011, in Dumbo (an area of Brooklyn), New York, where we took family photos on the roof top of the restaurant that included a back drop of the Brooklyn Bridge under pale blue skies dotted with cotton candy cumulus clouds.

Second, and equally important:  my youngest son graduated from high school last night.  I was so happy I no longer have to deal with the Los Angeles Unified School district ever again in life as a parent that I wanted to throw myself a party, let alone one for son.  To top it off, the graduation ceremony last night was awful beyond belief.  The speeches were atrocious to the point of being embarrassing; kinda how felt when I used to watch the TV show The Dating Game as a kid. It was so bad, that the kids that were graduating tossed a big beach ball among themselves during the ceremony, not once, but twice. It was funny watching the administrators-in-charge trying to the capture the ball.  In general you could say it might have been what the high school graduation of Ferris Bueller would have been like.

So, for a short time there, I was emotionally exhausted.  So, tired in fact,  I seriously considered retiring and actually bought myself a rocking chair (which Harry made me return).  But, I am feeling more peppy now. So, “regular” life has begun to return to “normal” which includes writing this post.

Still shooting for a new post each Friday though.  Wish me luck.


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