What If….And March Madness

What if there was no “higher power”  or supreme being?  What if there is no God?”

And instead, there was something like a “club.”  On the day you were born, you become an instant member of this “club.”  Everyone on the planet is born into this “club.”  But what if you don’t want to be in the “club?”  No problem.  Don’t renew your membership.  And if you change your mind and want back in the “club,” all you have to do is make the decision in your own mind. No forms, no dues required.  Only desire.

So what are the perks of “club” membership (sorry if I sound like some flyer you would get in the mail and almost slip on as you walk through the front door)?  Unlimited networking opportunities.  Much like a prayer, you cast your hopes and dreams and problems into the universe, and somehow, someway, the other members of the “club” hear your wish…as group.  It is the decision of the “club” that determines how to respond to your request.  And sometimes these decisions might not feel very good, but they are always in your best interest. Guaranteed.

I don’t know about you all,  but that’s a club I want to be in.  There are moments late at night, when I am lying in my bed thinking about things I want to have or have happen, that I wish there was such a “club.”  I will even admit there are very brief moments I think that such a club really does exist.  Maybe that is why I like college basketball, in its purist form, so much.  For me it is far more comforting knowing that the decisions in my life over which I have no control are made by a group of people with talent, heart, and the most importantly quality: team work, like the “club.”

I guess what I am trying to say is that I finally figured out why I love March Madness so much, especially since I am a real girlie-girl.  I am (was) in three pools. However as smart as I like to think I am about this sport and people in general, heading into the finals, I am already out of all those pools, brackets completely busted.  Oh, well, humbled again.

But tonight, my husband, being a University of Michigan alum, is going to be lying in bed watching the evening news and just before he drifts of to sleep he is going to be wishing that the Wolverines will be the winner of the finals tomorrow night.  And it will be in the form of a prayer or some other spiritual kind of request. He will never admit it.  Heck, he won’t even remember it.  But tonight I will be lying in bed next to him and at some moment I will be a member of the “club,” and me and the other “club” members will be considering his request.

The truth is, the entire made-up scenario above, might as well be how the winner of March Madness is determined.  C’mon, how many people predicted that Wichita State would make it to the Final Four?  I am guessing not even the coach of Wichita State!

Whatever the outcome tomorrow night, I will be watching; to see what the “club” decides.

One thought on “What If….And March Madness

  1. Consider Jung’s collective consciousness, of Vonnegut’s God of indifference? or the promises of any religious group (club) for that matter? maybe it’s all a crap shoot. nonetheless, i know that if UofM wins, my dad’s vote was cast, and he is confidently smiling somewhere.

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